Three Chestnuts, ready to fall from the bur at harvest time

Our 2013 U-Pick Chestnut Season is over

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Chestnut Farms

~ meet the people ~


Leslie Sowers-Winkel
Head Lady in Charge, Office Manager, and Friendly Telephone Person

Leslie brings a background of over 25 years of accounting for the small business community.  Whether by email or telephone, always a great communicator.
Dick Winkel
Field Hand, Engineer, designer of the Chestnut Farms line of Soap Molds and Cutters

Since working his way through college as a crop-dusting pilot, he is still trying to resolve his love of agriculture and aerospace engineering.
Rich Beuker
Woodworker extraordinaire, retired Tool & Die Maker

Rich has a lifetime of experience working with the precision of the Tool & Die business.  Now Rich brings our wooden soap molds and soap cutters to a new level of craftsmanship. 


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