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We offer these items to help you maintain your Chestnut Farms Soap Molds and Cutters, or to help you build your own.

Soap Pusher Block
Soap Cutter Wire
Ping Tuning Machines


1. Soap Pusher Block
What a strange name!  We originally used a block of wood to hold the soap log against while pushing the soap through the cutting wire.  Of course, it was a pusher block.
You can still use a block of wood, but this pusher is a much more convenient and elegant solution. 
This is the same pusher included with our Model-B Soap cutter.

5 inches high,
5 inches long
2 1/2 inches wide.

Soap Pusher Block
Soap Pusher Block      Price: $10.50 each

2. Soap Cutter Wire
This is a 0.018 inch diameter Spring Tempered Music Wire.
Now available in a bulk reel or in 8ft lengths.  Be cautioned that the reel gives a great price per foot of wire but you must read and follow the directions on the packaging to avoid creating a snarled mass of  wire!

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Music Wire for cutting soap
Soap Cutter Wire, 1 lb 1100 ft reel    Price: $55.00

Soap Cutter Wire, 8 ft length                Price: $2.40

Soap Cutter Wire, feet (max cut wire length 10 ft ea.)                  Price per foot: $0.30

3.  Ping Tuning Machines
We use these Tuning Machines (tuning keys) to hold and tighten the wires on all of our soap cutting devices.
The Tuning Machines have a sturdy cast metal shell; very durable and a great smooth action.

Click here for Ping Tuning Machine mounting instructions.

Click on the image below to see a larger view of the Tuning Machines, use the Back button to return to this page.

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Ping Tuning Machines

Ping Tuning Machines       Price: $8.75 each

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