Three Chestnuts, ready to fall from the bur at harvest time

Our 2013 U-Pick Chestnut Season is over

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 Chestnut Farms Soap Cutters



Chestnut Farms Soap Log Slicer

Chestnut Farms Soap Log Splitter

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Soap Log Slicer Soap Log Splitter - SOLD OUT Parts & Accessories

Chestnut Farms Soap Trimmer

Chestnut Farms Model B Soap Cutter

Soap Trimmer Soap Cutter Kit Model B Cutter - SOLD OUT

Please note, these cutters were designed for use with cold process or hot process soap.  

1. We recommend that these cutters NOT be used for cutting candle waxes.  The waxes are, in most cases, too hard to cut with a simple wire-type cutter.

2. We recommend that these cutters NOT be used for cutting glycerine soaps of the style which is melted by heat and poured into a mold.   The hardness of the soap material and/or the cutting technique used by some soapers has resulted in "over-powering" the cutters with damage and breakage of some cutters.

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