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Features of Drop-side Molds

mold_intro_1.jpg (7161 bytes)

Here is the Chestnut Farms Wooden Drop-side mold.

mold_intro_1.jpg (7161 bytes) Pull the pins from the sides of the mold to release the mold ends.
mold_intro_1.jpg (7161 bytes) The ends pull away,
mold_intro_1.jpg (7161 bytes) and the  sides fold open to permit removal of the soap.

Yes, line the mold with something... we use freezer paper... so the soap does not stick to the wood.

mold_intro_1.jpg (7161 bytes) To reassemble the mold the ends must be properly positioned.
The mold ends are properly located when the brand on mold side and mold end matches.
mold_intro_1.jpg (7161 bytes) In the event that the pins loosen with use, slightly increase the bend in the middle of the pin.
mold_intro_1.jpg (7161 bytes) If the hinged side of the mold does not fit snugly enough against the  cleat on the mold ends...
mold_intro_1.jpg (7161 bytes) the mold side may be adjusted to force the mold side to "spring open"...
mold_intro_1.jpg (7161 bytes) a wood screw may be driven into the middle/bottom of the mold side.  Leave the screw head slightly exposed to force the side to a more open position. 

To force the side to a "more open" position, simply back the screw out a fraction of a turn.


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