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Plan for Making 4x15 Soapmaking Mold

If you wish to build your own mold, or have a friend build one for you,  download and print the following drawing.

[Click here to view mold plan]

To download the file; display the mold plan, move the cursor over the drawing,
right click,
select the option which will allow you to "Save the Image" to the directory of your choice.

View the file with any software which will look at "gif" images.
The drawing should print to a single 8 1/2 x 11 page in landscape format.

This should provide sufficient information to allow construction of your mold.

To use the Chestnut Farms fold-up Mold Liners, build the mold with sides a full 4 inches high.  The inside of the mold should measure 4 1/2 inches by 15   inches.  Err on the larger side of the interior dimensions by up to 3/32 inch.   That is, the 15 inch inside length may be up to 15 3/32 inches, but not smaller than 15 inches.  Similarly for the 4 1/2 inch width.

If you wish to build a mold to use the larger Mold Liner, the inside of the mold should measure 9 inches by 15 inches and the sides are a full 4 inches high.    Again, the mold can be up to 3/32 inch oversize but not at all undersize.

Be sure to line the mold with suitable paper before pouring soap into the mold.  Pictures on our "Line a soap mold" and  "soapmolding tips" pages show a lined mold.

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