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Our 2013 U-Pick Chestnut Season is over

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Removing Soap
from the 4x15 Wooden Mold

These pictures will help to illustrate how we line the mold, and insulate the curing soap.

unmld_1.jpg (7328 bytes) The soap has been covered like this for 24 hours.
unmld_2.jpg (8863 bytes) Removing the towel reveals  cardboard inner cover on plastic wrap over the soap.

Keeps top of soap smooth and level.

unmld_3.jpg (9352 bytes) Off comes the cardboard inner cover.
unmld_4.jpg (9283 bytes) Off comes the plastic wrap.

Keeps air and moisture from curing soap.

unmld_5.jpg (9746 bytes) Removing masking tape attaching freezer paper liner to wooden mold.
unmld_6.jpg (11188 bytes) Removing ends from wooden mold.
unmld_7.jpg (10826 bytes) Mold sides fold away.
unmld_8.jpg (9501 bytes) Peel liner paper away from soap.
The soap may be cut immediately, or left to cure for a week or more before cutting

Be patient, allow the soap to cure at least three weeks before using. 

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