Pound o' Soap™ Mold and Gift Box



LJ_and_PoundOSoap.jpg (6809 bytes) This sturdy box is a great mold for soap-making classes, for trial soap batches, or for gifts.

When used as a mold it holds one pound of soap when filled approximately two inches deep.
Each box includes a cardboard pad which can be used as a mold cover. 

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Mold Liners for Pound o' Soap

Pound O Soap Mold                  Price: $3.49 each

Contact us for quantity pricing

We had a local box maker construct a special die for this sturdy cardboard box.  The Pound o' Soap Mold is sized to hold one pound of soap when filled approximately 2 inches deep.
Each mold includes a cardboard pad which can be used to cover (insulate)  the freshly poured soap.
The mold must be lined before use to contain the poured soap.

Die cut and creased liners are separately available for these molds.

As a Soap Mold

Pound o' Soap™  as Gift Box

covered_pos.jpg (3640 bytes)

colorful_gift.jpg (3121 bytes)

Soap poured in lined mold,
included pad used to cover poured soap

Holds a pound of soap for sale or for gift
PoundOSoap_mold.jpg (4243 bytes) PoundOSoap_giftbox.jpg (4928 bytes)

Pad removed to show finished soap
Let your imagination run wild!
cutting_pound_o_soap .jpg (2251 bytes)
Several options for cutting one pound into 4 oz bars
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