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Testimonials - Soap, Molds and Cutters
It was difficult to find a clever name for this page... so we're just calling it what it is.  One of the real rewards of this business has been the kind and helpful feedback from our friends and customers. 

Here are some examples:


Hi Leslie and Dick,
Just a note to say THANK YOU for the cutter you designed for me. The 24 lb. blocks are no longer an issue! I love you guys. I'm so thrilled because cutting those hugh blocks
won't be an issue again. It slices through them like butter.

Cindi Read

The Model B cutter came today and we have already used it!!!!!

It is wonderful and my husband really got into the act in helping me cut up
some loaves. He was very impressed with the cutter and workmanship and told
me and I quote: "you should email her (Leslie) that you received the cutter
and if her husband's plane will fly as well as the cutter works then they
are really in business."

The cutter works very well on glycerin soap so if anyone asks I would be
glad to give you a testimonial.

Thanks for the prompt delivery.


Hi Leslie,

Yes indeed I received my cutter in fine shape and all I can say is --
YEAH!!! I've been slicing the heck out of everything in sight since the
day it arrived!
Thanks so much Leslie, this is really making me not dread the cutting
portion of soapmaking any more.


I just took my five pound log of soap, which is four inches across, sliced
that in half, lickety split. Then adjusted the wire down to 1 inch, and
slice slice slice slice... The bars of soap slid right onto my curing rack
off of the slicer perfectly. When the row on the rack filled up, I simply
slid the rack forward a little bit and kept slicing! Perfect bars
everytime, and no major thought process required. It 'sliced' my cutting
time by at least 50%! I used to cut my soap in a miter box. No more
though, the miter box has been put into retirement. Thanks for a great

Oh... If you want, you can put this on your testimonal page. :)


Hello, I have not been able to make any soap untill just the other day.
I just cut the log of soap with the log cutter than you had made for me. The
bars came out excellent! You do great work and manufacture a fine product. I
am highly pleased.

Thanks again...Roger

Hi Leslie,

I just want to let you know that I got my order today...I am really pleased
with the mold and can't wait to make some more soap! I think it's a great
idea to have it sent already lined...I was wondering if I'd be able to figure
it out...and seeing it really helps me...sometimes I'm directionally
Also, I was so surprised at the little extra you tucked in...I love the lip
balm, and it came at just the right time!

Thank You for offering such great things :)


We have received our cutter and it is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so
much! There is some soap that is a little difficult to cut, but I think it
is the quality of the soap (a type we no longer use). We have switched to a
much better quality MP Base and the cutter does very well with it! I would
recommend it to anyone!


Dear Leslie,

The shaver and cutter arrived yesterday, and the slicer (if my
terminology is correct) came today. And boy am I impressed!
I had a  really ugly square log waiting-it had bubbled on top and had tons of ash.
I gave it one sort of sloppy shave, which took off the bumps. I tried
again. At first, I didn't think it worked. I thought only a little bit
had crumbled off. Then, when I picked it up, an entire 1/8" sheet of soap
fell off, leaving a perfect surface!
I sliced it and it was so easy!

I am involved in a chat e-mail with Soap Crafters, and wondered if you
would be okay with me spreading the word. I think some people would be
very interested in your products.

I must admit that when I first saw your website, I thought my husband
could put together something similar for much less. I'm a horrible
tight-wad! He's been very busy lately, so I just went ahead and
"splurged." When these wonderful tools arrived, I felt like I'd gotten
every penny's worth! They are very sturdy and look like they'll last me a
lifetime of soaping! The details, like edge sanding, really make a
difference. They are very professionally made, and work just like your
web-page shows.



Just thought I'd drop a line to say that I received my cutter Friday, and
used it for the first time this morning and I love It! The bars came out
nice and even, saved me tons of time and patience...thanks again



I received my soap log slicer and trimmer
yesterday and I went right to work getting
all my logs done (about 20 in all). I am very
pleased with both items and would highly recommended them so you have
my permission to use my commits from my
previous email.

Thanks again for all of your help.