Greenhouse hoops
for low tunnel, or cold frame, as used by Winkel Chestnut Farm & Nursery

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These hoops and stakes are the same system we use for many four-season applications. Here is a sample:
  1. Autumn frost protection
  2. Winter protection from drying cold winds and hungry animals
  3. Spring early warm-up and frost protection
  4. Summer shade, irrigation line support, shade cloth support, animal protection

Shipping costs for this package is prohibitive.  We sell these components only by prearranged pickup at our farm or nursery locations.

Here is a look at the components:

            Pre-bent hoop
  Stakes with stop screws
  Example of hoop set into stakes
  make wood frame for tunnel
  Mount stake holding hardware to wood frame
  Assemble frame
  Position frame, level by placing temporary wedges under frame
  Drive stakes to level of top of frame, tighten clamps to hold frame to clamp
  Place hoops



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