Three Chestnuts, ready to fall from the bur at harvest time

After Arbor Day 2020 Chestnut Tree Sale!

one day only, Saturday May 2nd 2020
10am - 4pm

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The Chestnut Store
       at Winkel Chestnut Farms

Fresh Chestnuts ~ 2019 crop - SOLD OUT

These European, Japanese, and sweet Chinese Chestnuts are grown at our farm in  Michigan, USA.  Buy USA, improve the balance of trade.
Our Chinese chestnuts have a refreshingly crisp texture and sweet flavor when compared to the European imports.

                     **Amount Subjet to Quantity on Hand ** Please call or e-mail for current quantity on hand ***

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Fresh Chestnuts, 1 lb       Price: $5.50

Fresh Chestnuts, 5 lb        Price: $27.50

Honey bee collects pollen on chestnut catkin

~ Chestnut & Wildflower Honey - SOLD OUT ~

Located 9 miles inland from Lake Michigan on the northern slope of the broad Grand River valley, our moderated climate provides an ideal site for growing Chestnuts and the broad river bottoms present a perpetual supply of summertime wild flowers.

Honey is now available.  This did not produce the dark bitter chestnut honey we had hoped for.  Rather it is a pleasant wildflower honey with just a hint of Chestnut bitterness. 


**Amount Subjet to Quantity on Hand ** Please call or e-mail for current quantity on hand *** 



Chestnut & Wildflower Honey, 16 oz glass jar  Price: $9.50


Pottery Bowl ~ Chestnut Leaf pattern

These fine pottery bowls are made exclusively for Winkel Chestnut Farm.
Use as either a utility bowl or as a fine art display piece.
Each bowl is imprinted with actual American Chestnut Leaves.  No two bowls will ever be alike! 
Approximate dimensions: diameter 11 inches, height 3.5 inches.
Shipping is by Priority Mail within the continental U.S. and includes insurance.

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Pottery Bowl, American Chestnut Leaf  Price: $49.00



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